Field work


Our field work is your local contact person and therefore the link between the centre and the Fertility Centre.

We will inform you about all aspects of the cooperation in personal consultations. We report on news in the field of reproductive medicine, matters related to costs, treatment options, and training sessions for you and your medical assistant. We would also like to learn about your wishes and ideas.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Siegerland region and Wittgensteiner Land

Jessica Bröcher

broecher©kinderwunschzentrum.orgTel. 0271 77018110

Ruhr district and Bergisches Land

Jenny Dziemba

dziemba©kinderwunschzentrum.orgTel. 0231 5575450

Ruhr district 

Nadja Steinbart

steinbart@kinderwunschzentrum.orgTel. 0231 5575450

Ruhr district and Bergisches Land

Eda Döner

doener@kinderwunschzentrum.orgTel. 0231 5575450

Bereich:Kreis Soest und Münsterland

Dr. Tom Trapphofftrapphoff@kinderwunschzentrum.orgTel. 0231 5575450