Unfortunately, infertility affects every sixth to seventh couple in Germany. Kinderwunschzentrum Dortmund and our affiliated centres in Siegen, Wuppertal, Dorsten are pleased to offer comprehensive fertility diagnosis and treatments. If you and your partner are having difficulty conceiving, then you may want to contact our team of specialists.

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Information Sessions

We offer regular information sessions in our centre. This is intended for couples who would like more detailed information on the topic of fertility treatment.

Assess Your Fertility Potential

Would you like to asses your fertility potential? We have designed an online test to help plan your visit. Once you have submitted the complete test, you will receive an e-mail within eight days with an evaluation.

Our team of doctors, biologists, and medical assistants

Since 1997, Kinderwunschzentrum Dortmund has offered comprehensive services dealing with fertility related issues, questions or concerns. Our team of specialists is committed to a personal approach with best-in-class technology to conduct sophisticated diagnosis and treatment.

Testimonies from previous patients

After the diagnosis of “azoospermia”, we had almost given up our dream of having children. The Dortmund Fertility Centre gave us courage and after successful TESE followed by ICSI treatment we became the happy parents of a boy. Some time later, we then had another treatment with the frozen embryos, which gave our son a healthy sister.

Verena S.

We tried to get pregnant for three years - unsuccessfully. At our first appointment in Germany we were already warmly welcomed. Whatever the problems were, somebody always spoke openly with us and that really helped. Getting an appointment was not a problem - even with full-time employment. Today, thanks to a simple hormone treatment, we are the happy parents of twins.

Marlene E.

We hesitated for a long time before accepting the help of a fertility centre. We were very worried and nervous. Despite many unsuccessful attempts, we never lost courage - thanks to the great psychological support and the positive encouragement from the doctors who were treating us. It was worth it; after a long time of wanting a child, we finally held it in our arms.

Janet and Tobias F.

Since our opening in 1997, there have been 17,187 babies born as a result of IVF cycles performed at Kinderwunschzentrum.

Hanna, *03.03.2011
Matti, *02.01.2011
Silas Sophia, *12.07.2011
Hanna, *03.03.2011
Erik-Leif, *02.03.2011
Leni & Louis, *21.09.2011
Flinn, *17.03.12
Mia Sophie, *02.03.2011
Emma, *13.05.2012
Ben Luca & Sofia Emilia, *04.06.12 01
Lucy, *04.07.2012
Mats 06.06
Nick, *14.08.2012
Anna Maria Sophia, *28.06.2012
Hannah & Matthias, *19.10.2012
Mia Noemi, *25.04.2013
Mia-Sophie, *17.07.2013
Samuel, *20.07.2013
Jonas, *17.06.2013
Charlotte, *26.07.2013
Adam, *03.08.2013
Malina Luise & Julian Benedikt
Eleanore, *29.08.2013
Lavinia, *16.08.2013
Lennard, *05.12.2013
Noah, *24.01.2014
Nico, *17.12.2013
Philipp, *21.02.2014
Maurice, *12.02.2014
Luca, *31.05.2014
Felix, *17.10.2014
Benedikt Faolan, *03.11.2014
Hannah, *16.03.2015
Annika Valentina, *17.03.2015
Marie, *19.03.2015
Julian, *26.04.2015
David, *05.03.2015
Alina, *09.05.2015
Katahrina Johanna, *21.06.2015
Julian, *25.06.2015
Leonie-Stella, *11.08.2015
Liam, *15.10.2015
Leni, *16.11.2015
Alina, *23.11.2015
Annmarie Vinzent, *11.12.2015
Maja, *20.10.2015
Sanjana, *06.11.2015
Tessa Luisa, *22.11.2015
Lia, *09.03.2016
Thore, *10.06.2016
Marleen, *24.07.2016
Emilia Magdalena, *03.11.2016
Emma, *15.11.2016
Thilo, *09.02.2017
Mattis,* 03.08.2017
Emma, *07.08.2017
Frieda, *06.09.2017
Mats, *25.11.2017
Josefine, *23.02.2018
Philo & Sophie, *2018
Tim, *26.12.2018
Lion, *08.06.2018
Bilal, *25.02.2019
Juna, *27.05.2019
Emilia Sophia, *29.04.2020
Victoria, *02.05.2020
Lucian und Alice, *03.06.2020
Liam, *08.10.2020
Paul, *26.10.2020
Justus, *31.07.2020
Robin Stephan, *26.11.2020
Jonas & Lina, *01.03.2020
Jonathan, *03.08.2020
Julian, *24.07.2020
Majvi, *10.02.2020
Ana, *06.02.2020
Damian & Adrian, *05.07.2019
Liam, *30.01.2019
Julian & Leonard, *01.10.2018
Mads Johannes, *24.07.2018
Rebecca, *03.08.2018
Liam, *28.01.2018
Elias, *11.10.2017
Toni, *16.08.2017
Noah Matteo, *28.06.2017
Lio, *05.01.2017
Luis Alexander, *28.10.2016
Alexander, *15.08.2016
Jean Luca, *29.06.2016
Emma, *28.06.2016
Pia Emelie, *14.05.2016
Leonie, *15.02.2016
Emma, *22.10.2015
Arik, *13.10.2015
Lias, *30.09.2015
Maya Lara, *26.09.2015
Elise, *01.08.2015
Elias, *26.07.2015
Jannik, *18.05.2015
Romy, *15.05.2015
Julian, *14.04.2015
Julien Mario, *02.02.2015
Lennard, *07.11.2014
Ina & Tim, *19.11.2014
Mano, *21.04.2014
Caroline, *30.05.2014
Lotta, *11.05.2014
Timo, *08.04.2014
Maya Louise, *19.12.2013
Nelly, *21.10.2013
Vincent & Vivien, *26.03.
Janus, *31.10.2013
Mia Michelle, *03.07.2013
Lina, *03.06.2013
Carla Maria, *31.05.2013
Emily, *11.05.2013
Fritz, *07.05.2013
Lasse & Leni, *02.05.2013
Caethe, *07.05.2013
Laura, *21.04.2013
Lea, *18.07.2013 & Mico Fia, *25.12.2015
Alex Ben, *14.04.2013
Mats, *20.02.2013
Charlotte, *14.10.2012
Constantin, *25.10.2012
Sarah Maria, *13.05.2012
Tom-Ole, *10.03.2012
Michele, *24.02.2012
Phil & Mats, *08.02.2012
Niklas & Jonas, *03.06.2012
Nele, *18.01.2012
Joey & Tarja, *03.01.2012
Malte, *03.03.2011
Luis, *19.05.2011
Alexander, *20.10.2011
Finn, *25.09.2011
Lilly Marie, *16.09.2011
Moritz, *10.03.2011

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Our team of doctors, biologists and medical assistants is there for you. In addition to fertility treatment, we also offer special consultation hours for endometriosis and hormonal disorders not related to childbearing.

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