German IVF Register Certificate

TÜV Nord Certificate for the management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Quality Control Certificate of the German Society of Andrology

Certificate of the German Register of Insemination (DERI)

Clean room laboratory

In January 2011, the Dortmund Fertility Centre’s new IVF laboratory was opened. The entire reproductive medicine laboratory area (IVF/ICSI, cryopreservation, andrology) meets the specifications of clean room class 9 according to DIN EN ISO 14611-1.

The reproductive medicine laboratory in Dortmund is one of the best-equipped and most modern laboratories in Germany. The particularly clean environment creates optimal conditions for successful treatment.

Andrology laboratory

Twice a year, all the employees of our andrology laboratories in the Dortmund, Siegen, Dorsten, and Wuppertal Fertility Centres participate in the ring trial “Quality Control of the German Society of Andrology” (QuaDeGe). The analysis follows WHO guidelines. As before, we passed the last trial in April 2023 successfully.

Dortmund Fertility Centre recertified as an endometriosis centre

Endometriosis – a common illness of women of childbearing age – is not rarely the cause of an inability to have children. Our centre has specialised in the optimal fertility treatment of women with this illness, which is benign but sometimes chronic.

The quality standards of diagnosis and treatment of the infertility that is often linked to endometriosis are have now been certified by the Stiftung Endometrioseforschung, the Endometriosis League and by the European Group for Endometriosis, which was organised by affected women, in April 2008. They were recertified in July 2021.

Only those centres that meet the various challenges this illness poses within a network of experts receive the certificate. The surgical interventions that are necessary take place in cooperating clinics.

After a facility in Berlin, our fertility centre is only the second fertility centre in Germany that has been certified as an endometriosis centre. A list of endometriosis centres can be found at www.endometriose-sef.de

Our Fertility Centre contributed to the creation of the German Endometriosis Guideline. The guideline also includes the following recommendations for patients, which are formulated to be easy to understand:Endometriosis Guideline

New publication

“This is how we live with endometriosis” by Kathrin Steinberger
edition riedenburg, ISBN 978-3-902647- 37-5

More than 100 affected women talk about their illness in subjective, vivid, shocking, and informative ways. This includes a guest contribution from Professor Greb about reproductive medicine issues in endometriosis.