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Siegen Fertility Centre

On 1 June 2008, the Siegen Fertility Centre was opened!

The fertility centre in Dortmund has already been working successfully since 1997. From our many years of working with couples who want children, we know that time plays a role in the decision to seek a treatment, in addition to the physical and mental burden. With our location in Siegen, we want to make it easier to make your wish to have children become a reality.

Testimonies from previous patients

After the diagnosis of “azoospermia”, we had almost given up our dream of having children. The Dortmund Fertility Centre gave us courage and after successful TESE followed by ICSI treatment we became the happy parents of a boy. Some time later, we then had another treatment with the frozen embryos, which gave our son a healthy sister.

Verena S.

We tried to get pregnant for three years - unsuccessfully. At our first appointment in Germany we were already warmly welcomed. Whatever the problems were, somebody always spoke openly with us and that really helped. Getting an appointment was not a problem - even with full-time employment. Today, thanks to a simple hormone treatment, we are the happy parents of twins.

Marlene E.

We hesitated for a long time before accepting the help of a fertility centre. We were very worried and nervous. Despite many unsuccessful attempts, we never lost courage - thanks to the great psychological support and the positive encouragement from the doctors who were treating us. It was worth it; after a long time of wanting a child, we finally held it in our arms.

Janet and Tobias F.

How can we help you?

You can arrange your personal advisory consultation directly
over the telephone. Our number is 0271 7701810.

We will be pleased to take your call. Our business hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8 AM – 6 PM
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