Initial consultation

What to bring to the visit?

Current letters of referral should be present for both partners. The following findings are helpful for us:

  • Spermiograms
  • Operation reports
  • Hormonal values

In accordance with the guidelines on the regulation of conception we request that you complete or have any absent prophylactic vaccinations, especially against pertussis.

If you are travelling a long distance, appointments for the initial consultation and the spermiogram can be made for the same time.

Both partners should be present at the consultation.

How long can I expect to wait for my consultation appointment?

It is possible to get an appointment for the first advisory consultation within four weeks. For appointments at shorter notice, we request that you consult us face-to-face.

How will you be informed about the further course of action?

After the first advisory consultation, a suggestion will be made for diagnostics and/or treatment. The couple will be asked to attend again at another appointment that is arranged. You will be given a short letter for your information. The further steps will be coordinated with you.

If an insemination, IVF or ICSI is planned, an advisory certificate in accordance with Section 27a SGB V will also be included, along with the cover letter, for you to sign.

After every treatment cycle, you will be given information in the form of a process report.

In the event of a positive pregnancy test, you will receive the ß-hCG value on the same day by fax.

How can we help you?

You can arrange your personal advisory consultation directly
over the telephone. Our number is 0271 7701810.

We will be pleased to take your call. Our business hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8 AM – 6 PM
Wednesday 7:30 AM - 2 PM
Friday 7:30 AM – 5 PM