Donor IUI

Intrauterine insemination with sperm donation

If no sperm are found in the semen (spermiogram, azoospermia) or through a testicular biopsy (TESE), treatment with sperm donation can take place. This method is possible only for married couples.

Health insurance companies do not cover any costs if the fertility treatment is completed by a sperm donor. The donor is selected by the sperm bank on the basis of the information of the desired pair of children. At the time of ovulation, the donor semen is thawed and is transferred into the womb. This takes place with a syringe and a thin plastic tube (catheter).

The insemination is pain-free and lasts about 10 minutes. Two weeks after insemination, a pregnancy test can be completed. The success rate per attempt is about 10-15%. If the donor insemination does not lead to a pregnancy, fertilisation outside of the body can take place through donated semen (IVF).

Even before the start of treatment, the joint parenthood is affirmed by notarial attestation. From their 16th birthday, the child will have the right to know the name and identity of the donor. The couple undergoing fertility treatment will not be informed about the personal details of the donor.

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